Eye of the Viking

Plans For The Summer

June 6, 2019

While in school we look forward to being on summer break and nice warm days to hang out with friends and have fun.  So why not ask some students what their plans are for this summer. Isabella Marapao (8) says “I’m going to travel...

First Day of School

Victoria Caine and Owen Atkinson

June 6, 2019

Our first day of school was like a gray sky Other students are dressed up to impress My teachers are happy for a new day We just have to wait for a new class   We learned about the A,B,Cś My new math teacher...

A Misunderstood Child

Victoria Caine and Mia Cherry

June 6, 2019

My mother always says to do better Since I was young had lots of tragedy I´d cry and ask god to become wetter My parents don´t get the gravity   The authorities claim I have issues When I was down below...

Some of my Favorite Things

Victoria Caine, Tessa Finn

June 6, 2019

Mason jars, berries, and ripe golden pears, Long cozy sweaters, just lightly worn. Stupid things your friends do just on dare, Scent of the pavement after a storm.   The bees fly around buzzing and stinging, All...

Color the World

Victoria Caine and Niah Madigan

June 6, 2019

The universe around us can be gray And sometimes lacks color and adventure. Authors are artists with words and not clay Some stay in our world but others venture.   Straight into the second star to the right And...

Under the Surface

Victoria Caine and Kelly Bjornstrad

June 6, 2019

I watch the rolling waves always crashing Like white noise under the Ocean Blanket The ocean giants silently thrashing Whales eat krill like and enormous banquet   I wonder what people will never know As...

When Flowers Stop Blooming

Liberty Rainbird

June 4, 2019

You can find a flower almost anywhere. In a field, grass, cracks in a side walk. We often give flowers as gifts and to show affection. But the flowers always go to waste. Lying dead in vases on tables, left hungry...

Myanna Wallace’s Poems

Myanna Wallace

June 3, 2019

As I rest: The one's I have loved The one's I've forgotten The ones that left I carry a little  part of them in my heart. I give them the lock and keep the key I look up the memories of hurt and pain away I...

A Hidden World

Dailee Perkins

May 31, 2019

Peace hidden away. Locked up. Unable to spread joy and happiness. To everyone. Peace isn't free I wish the key was easier to find. so the world can fin itself again. And show it's true potential. So it...

Dark Rose

Justice Kipperman

May 31, 2019

Love is a rose. Because it starts small, growing and young. As the rose grows, it blooms beautiful petals. The crimson flower in the glimmering light. Appealing to anyone that sees it. The rose grows thorns, protecting...

6th Grade Thoughts

Xander Estrada, Contributor

May 8, 2019

The transition from elementary school to middle school is a big change. That's why the students at Benicia Middle School try to welcome the new sixth graders and make them feel as comfortable as possible. How was your first year...

Spring Break!

Tanna Kelly, Contributor

April 30, 2019

Spring break is a fun one week free from school: Some people spend it travleing, other staying home and watching Netflix. What did you do for spring break? "I did absolutely nothing. The only thing i did was watch TV or make f...

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