Ava Edwards

Hey students! How are you all doing this quarantine? Are you keeping up with your work? Do you still talk with your friends?

I know that not seeing friends and family is hard but there are some good things about quarantine.  Like spending time with family, going on walks, enjoying more free time, finding new hobbies, and practicing your sports!  Daisha Connors says “I love quarantine because I get to spend time with my dog Zoey more.” As you can see some people like quarantine.  “I like online learning better because I get more time to do work and it’s easier to me.” says Vanessa Smith.  Online learning does give you a lot more time on assignments and most people at BMS agree with that.  What do you think of quarantine Rachelle? “ I love it! I’m going on walks,swimming,hanging out with my family.  It’s great.  I have so much time to finish my homework and do other things during the day! I don’t feel rushed or stressed to get my work done anymore.”

Don’t like quarantine? A lot of people do not either.  In fact I don’t even like quarantine.  You cannot see your friend does suck. It’s like we’re trapped at home with our annoying siblings.  “I do not like online school.  I’m one who needs to ask a lot of questions and I need to work in a quiet place.  My siblings make my house really loud and I can’t focus.” Says Carlos Largespada.  I agree with Carlos.  It’s hard doing work at home.  I have to really focus to be able to get my work done.  “I can’t see or workout with my friends.” Says Ayden Thompson.  Obviously some students are struggling with online learning and quarantine itself.