Forget I said I Hated School

Chloe Alejo

Ever since this quarantine, I’ve never felt this socially awkward knowing my outgoing personality. I dislike the fact that I’m unable to see friends and we can’t have our normal hangouts, and how I can go to the mall or go out in general without having to wear a mask. I dislike how I can see my cousins, it’s less fun without them. But there are also very positive sides. I am able to focus on myself and build up my character, binge movies and shows, sleep and wake up whenever, deeply clean my room, play outside, etc. I miss my AAU season, and sports in general. This whole thing helped me to somewhat stop complaining about school, it really isn’t fun without school. I regret ever saying I wanted to be home schooled, never again. But it’s also allowed me to spend way more time with my family. Overall quarantine just isn’t the best, I need to get out the house more because I cannot last, and I miss school.