The Princess of Sweden helping out in hospitals.

Sinead Maas

This is a crazy time of Covid-19 and all of our lives have changed tremendously. School was transferred to distance learning, sports seasons were cancelled, and so much more tragedies. There is so much craziness going on in the world right now and it is always good to hear a good story so I’m here to share one with you today.

In early April, Princess Sofia of Sweden decided to suit up and help out in nearby hospitals. She wanted to help out the nurses and doctors who are overwhelmed. The cosmopolitan states that “she’ll help doctors and nurses with housekeeping tasks, such as working the kitchen, disinfecting medical equipment, and cleaning up every morning.” These are easy jobs that nurses just don’t have time to do anymore because of Covid-19. 

We understand that not everybody can help out in big ways like that but We are certain that you can do your part by just staying home and social distancing. This flattens the curve of coronavirus so healthcare systems have time for everyone, not just Covid patients.