Pollution Levels After Quarantine

Hailey Hartman

For decades the Earth has suffered from our overuse of fossil fuels, non-biodegradables, and so many other toxic materials. For the first time in years the skies of cities are clearing up and the hole in the ozone layer is closing. One of the only positive things coming out of our quarantine is the amount of clear skies we’re getting. 

Franks Hammes, CEO of IQAir says, “While the human and economic costs are devastating, we are also witnessing how much of air pollution comes from human activity. The drastic reduction in air pollution during COVID-19 lockdowns shows how our habits and behaviors directly impact the air we breathe. That’s an important insight after this unique Earth Day.” We are discovering that human activity is damaging our planet. Hopefully now that we know how much damage we can do we will try harder to prevent it.

In the article ,Air Pollution in Major World Cities Has Dropped By as Much as 60% During COVID Shutdowns, COVID 19 air quality report states that pollution levels have dropped as much as 60% due to the lockdown.

The most dramatic drops of pollution levels were in the cities with historically high levels like Delhi which air pollution levels fell from 68% in 2019 to 17% in 2020’s lockdown.

In conclusion, COVID 19 has been a great thing for the world’s ongoing problems for pollution, and it also makes you think about how much of an impact we have on this world whether it being a positive or negative impact