Family Time

Ava Edwards

Hey Students! I know that school got cancelled and you all miss your friends but I have some good news! We get to spend more time with our families!  Even though you guys might miss sports,school, and friends at least you can get closer with your families!


I asked a few students what they liked about spending time with their families over quarantine.  First I have Emma French she says “ I love spending time with my family because we get to hangout more since me and my siblings all play sports and we all get to see each other way more.  Also my sister is back from college and I’m so happy I get to see her everyday.”  Emma French claims that she used to only see her family at dinner since they were all occupied with sports and or being at college.


Another person who is usually away from their family because of sports is Jacob Edwards.  Jacob Edwards plays basketball and used to practice,train and condition at least four times a week.  Jacob Edwards says “ It’s different seeing my family everyday but a good difference.  I also like all the food my family makes. It’s really good.”  It’s obvious that Jacob Edwards enjoys hanging out with his family more.


And one last final person I have interviewed is Madison Layson.  She says “ My family is really fun to be around and I love being around them.” Madison Layson does not do any sports and she usually stays home but now that we are in quarantine she now spends way more time with her family.


In conclusion, during these hard times it is important to spend time with your family and get closer with them. And a lot of people are enjoying it and you should too! Stay safe and wash your hands!