Spreading Joy and Laughter


Kyra Mason

Ever since this quarantine and lock down has started, people have been struggling with the situation. Whether that be mentally or physically, we are all struggling. Some to find happiness and some trying to figure out what to do. To help get through these tough times, 6-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin is trying to get to as many people and put a smile on their face by spreading jokes and laughter.


 “There’s a lot of stress in the world and I kind of want to get some smiles on people’s faces.” Callaghan McLaughlin told CBC. He had been looking forward to starting his own lemonade stand once the weather warmed up but decided to improvise. Instead, he decided to spread joy in his community by setting up a “drive-by joke stand” so he could make his neighbors laugh while respecting social distancing guidelines. His goal was to put smiles on new peoples faces with his jokes and he definitely did that. “Brilliant idea from Callaghan McLaughlin, a six-year-old in Saanich…He set-up a walk-by joke stand to brighten people’s day. So simple, yet so genius.” Graham Cox spread to twitter. Callaghan is getting lots of attention for his good deeds and is making his community a happier place with his own heart. “Callaghan has garnered a lot of supporters for what he’s been doing. Many people often used to humor him with a smile and a wave. But the best part of it all was when local news outlets picked up the story and he ended up receiving praise from Hollywood A-Lister Ryan Reynolds for his kind-heartedness and love. Callaghan took the attention well and stated that he was simply happy to spread some happiness during these troubled times” Shared says. Callaghan continues to put smiles on peoples faces during these tough times and is having fun while doing it. 


If we could all bring some happiness to our communities like Callaghan did, our world would be a much better place. During these times especially we need more smiles and positivity. If you think about it, one of Callaghans jokes made someone’s day and it does not take a lot to do. By doing a small deed and all taking part we can accomplish these things. Callaghans story is just one of the many positive stories during these COVID-19 struggles and there are many more to come.