Good News about Covid-19

Anastasia Sauerzopf

The corona virus has many negative sides to it but we have to remember there are some positives to this virus. A positive to this virus is the positive effects it is leaving on the earth. Pollution is going down, water is clearer and air is healthier.

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, it’s forcing people to stay home. All this has led to a massive drop in air pollution, which kills a total of 4.2 million people every year, and over 1 million in China alone. The last two months have seen a huge impact on air quality. The air has never been so healthy, especially in hard-hit areas like Wuhan and Northern Italy, as well as a number of metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

Countries that have been under strict lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus have experienced an undeniable  benefit. The outbreak has contributed to a noticeable drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in some countries.

The waters of Venice’s famous canals have cleared for the first time in years. Usually the canals are filled with diesel-powered commuter boats and water buses, Venice’s canals are usually cloudy and murky. But videos and photos posted on social media show waters clear enough to bring back shoals of small fish and swans to the canals.                                                                         As      As bad as the coronavirus outbreak is, it’s really showing the effect humans have had on the environment. Wildlife has returned to previously traveled waters, even the water in Venice is now clean and clear. It’s giving the world a chance to breathe and repair.