Some Sunshine While We’re Stuck in the Dark           

Some Sunshine While We’re Stuck in the Dark           

Emma Jury

Throughout these past weeks, everyone has different sides of how the COVID-19 is affecting them. The COVID-19 is something that we all have never experienced before, but we can all get through this together. it’s ok But no matter how hard the experience, it is always better when you look at the bright side. 

One person in particular, decided she wanted to make a difference. Her name is Jeanna Barbieri, and she brought sunshine to many patients with COVID-19. It all started out when one of her patients had not seen his wife for a full month. She knew she couldn’t bring his wife to him, but she had something else in mind.  “Just to see how excited my patient was with seeing his loved ones on paper, made me realize that I want to do more of that. I never imagined in a million years that it would turn into something other than a small project.” Says Jeanna.

 She then started to get pictures of patients’ loved ones, and got printing. “Jeanna has done a wonderful thing, it’s made all of us have a piece of mind.” Explains Rae Russo, (the wife of Jeanna’s first photo recipient.) 

Jeanna may only put in a small effort into helping make her patients’ day better, but just a little bit of sunshine can cancel out the dark.This proves that anyone can help someone else find the light in the dark.