Caela Ann Hayag

I find this quarantine a good opportunity to focus on myself and be thankful for everything I have. It has helped me think more clearly and try to change for the better. You never know if the world would get in a pandemic like this again so don’t take anything for granted. It does really suck we are losing lives to this virus and having a lot of people sick. It’s the only downer for me in this quarantine. There has been a lot more dessert and time for me to rest now. The only thing I am afraid of is that I will get too used to quarantine and not used to the outside. I also took school for granted as I miss my classes and I surprisingly miss seeing all my classmates’ faces everyday. Education was way better in real life than online because it’s harder to understand the work you’re getting online whereas you can ask the teacher a question without having to send an email and waiting for a reply. Now I am just gonna stick to eating dessert and online classes.