Allyson Walling


COVID-19 has taken so many things away from all of us and here is how it has changed our daily routine   Such as March March, Softball, and a lot of social activities that we would rather do this time. Instead of being with my friends at school and softball on weekends, I have to stay inside due to the coronavirus.  All of the restaurants in our area have been closed or limited to pickup or delivery. The amusement parks and let alone normal parks have also been shut down. Right now we have to be thankful for how much our health care,first responders and essential business are still working many hours and them being away from their families and risking getting sick so we can stay safe. Coronavirus has changed all of our lives and this is a time that we will never forget. 


Not only is there no way to go or a lot of things to do but our school learning is for sure different. We work everyday on our classes just like we would in school. Not only the 8th graders are sad for no graduation but let alone the seniors of all of the high schools and colleges. They have no graduation to celebrate how they are going to a new phase in their life. Moving on is not just about the party after they are done but how they have finished and what they have accomplished. I have noticed that I have slept in a little longer than I would on a regular day and what I do is so new because I try to figure out random things to do that I wouldn’t do on a regular basis. In this time I have been hanging out with my family more and more, watching movies, playing board games and many more things. One of the best ways that I have been staying in touch with all of my friends and my teachers is zoom. Another way I’ve been staying in touch is facetiming and playing imessage games with my friends. Hope you and your family stay safe in this tough time.