Alana Robinson

The global pandemic of the CoronaVirus or COVID-19 has been shutting down things everywhere. From gyms to restaurants there is no one to be seen. Most people are being considerate and staying inside to help stop the spread of the virus. But many are enjoying their spring break at the beach putting many in danger. Even if you are healthy and can fight off the virus you can potentially spread it to others who may not be able to fight it off. I’ve been staying inside except for walking my dogs and running on a track for exercise. I’ve also been using my new camera trying new things. It’s hard to pose a toddler, I’m gonna keep trying but it’s gonna take a while. 

I live with my grandma so I’m making sure to not to go outside or spend too much time with people. I’m not going overboard by using gloves but I am using hand sanditizer and washing my hands regularly or whenever I go out. Aryanna Banks-Lockhart says,“This break has made me very depressed and sad because it’s removed me from softball one of my favorite things to do.” This does hit close to home for many children across America because their season also has gotten canceled.

My family are very good cooks but since the stores are clearing out we’ve mostly eaten microwaveable food or snacks. We have a lot since I have a baby sister, snacks are basically her diet.

The United States alone has 86,699 confirmed cases and this number grows rapidly everyday. March 26, 2020 The United States has the most cases out of every country. If we don’t stay inside and follow these repercussions this could get much much worse. Eventually we will be stuck in our homes for many months, this could stretch out to June!