Leila Rocha

Distance learning for me has been weird. There have been times over the years where school was canceled (like during the California wildfires)… but never for over a month. At least distance learning allows me to do work whenever I feel like it. I can take breaks from school work whenever I feel the need. 

Doing online school has its benefits also. I can sleep in which is my favorite thing to do (along with drinking Coca-Cola). I have the opportunity to spend more time on at-home activities such as dance and watching Disney+ or Netflix. Being at home has also given me the chance to talk to my sister more on weekdays and play with my dogs. Maybe I can even learn to do a new activity from home. But, online school also has its bad parts. For example, I personally don’t like doing my work on the computer. That is why I have to take a lot of breaks in between assignments. I prefer to do my work on paper with a textbook rather than online. 

The saddest part has been that there are so many people around the world who died from the coronavirus. Also, it is spreading so quickly. I know that even though distance learning isn’t fun, it is important. If we were all still at school, we would all be more at risk of getting the coronavirus.