Sadie Gross

We are all experiencing this new distance learning. It is unlike anything we have ever done before, but due to the current ongoing pandemic, we have no choice. Distance learning does have good and bad effects on people; not only students but parents too. 


Good side


  • Working at your own pace


If school and homework for the week goes by too fast for you, then this type of education will  balance itself out since you have a lot more time on your hands. Things are now posted weekly (or daily) and can be done at your speed, and you can choose what times you would like to work at



  • No struggle of keeping your belongings together


When you’re in school and going through your daily class schedule it can be hard to keep track of all your things. While being educated at home, everything is exactly where you need it whenever you need and you don’t have to always remember what class you left things in



  • Practice time management


While working at your own pace at home, you have to manage time well. If you can’t, it will show up in your grades. It’s a good opportunity for students to set up a routine schedule: get up at a reasonable time, begin work, meal time, end work, and sleep reasonably.


Bad Side


  • No physical interaction


Because we are restricted to going anywhere at this time we don’t get the same physical interactions we would normally experience when in a school environment. It’s very important for educational purposes to get that physical interaction part.



  • Lack of communication


By not communicating well enough not only to your teachers but also to your friends and classmates, you end up “clueless”. And if you have no idea what’s going on or how to do something then it will obviously show itself in your grades. The entire point is to learn and to have social interactions. If you can’t interact and work with peers then it’s obviously not a good school environment.



  • No “teaching”


Because we aren’t in a classroom anymore and aren’t having daily lessons taught to us by our teachers, we can’t really just learn a whole new topic on our own. It’s different for some people on what types of learners they are and how they learn; whether it’s visually, verbally, etc. we all know its way better to have a lesson or topic taught to us.



  • Teachers aren’t always available


Teachers already have posted on their google classroom their “office hours” on when they can respond to emails and are online. Their hours are usually early in the morning to about 12, so not a long time. Students may be having an issue and need help with something and the teachers might not be able to respond until the next day or the next week.