Dungeons and Dragons Club

Hailey Hartman, Writer

Dungeons and Dragons club. Whether you enjoy adventure, fantasy worlds, creating your own stories, and using your imagination, Benicia Middle Schools very own dungeons and dragons club is right for you! The dungeons and dragons club is held every Thursday, beginning right after school at 3:15 and ending at 5:30. Each of the meetings are held in Talk Town, orchestrated by Zac Clay. In this club you will be able to play DnD each meeting with your imaginative peers.

So what is Dungeons and Dragons? Dungeons and Dragons, is often abbreviated to DnD. It is a fantasy table-top role playing game. Meaning that DnD lets people play through a story or adventure experience under specified rules set by another person. In DnD this person is called the game master. In DnD you create your own hero and tell stories with other players using dice, maps, and anything you can imagine. Players use dice to determine their power, characteristics, and many other attributes. Dice also play a big part in not just creating your character, but also controlling your character’s actions during the game.The game master is given the power to imagine a fantasy story that the other players take part in. The game master is the game organizer and participant, they are in charge of creating the details and challenges of an adventure, while also maintaining a realistic continuity of events.

Some participants of the Dungeons and Dragons club elaborated on what they enjoyed most about the club. Jake Leonard said, “This club is very creative and everyone is goofy and this club has a lot of fun.” Along with students, club orchestrator, Zac Clay, explained why he felt the need to start a Dungeons and Dragons club “A student in the club named Sadie played with her family and was the one who originally wanted to start this club. Before she ever told me about making a club, I had played DnD in high school. After Sadie suggested the idea to me I wanted some of the band kids to join the club, so I asked them to all join. Together Sadie, me and many members of the band helped create the DnD club like how it is today.”

Dungeons and Dragons club is full of imagination and adventure. From 3:15 to 5:30 in Talk Town the members of DnD club leave our reality and start their adventure. Together everyone can help tell a story and experience their own creative adventure.