What grade in middle school was your favorite? Why?

Chris Olsen, Contributor


  • Jose: “I like 8th grade the best. The teachers are better and the work is easier.”


  • Jayden Anolin: “I liked 7th grade the best. All my classes were fun and I liked most of my classes.”


  • Wyatt Miyamoto: “8th grade is my favorite year. I’m more comfortable with the school and looking forward to high school next year.”


  • Matthew Vitug: “6th grade was my favorite year. It was easy and I made new friends.”


  • Joe Salinas: “6th grade was easy and fun. The teachers were nice too.

 a lot of new friends.”


  • Liam Rockwell: “8th grade because I’m in advanced drama.”


  • Zaire: “7th is my favorite because I got to know everybody and there’s more things to do.”


  • Nick Adams: “8th grade because there’s a lot less work and my teachers are better.”


  • Tanner Nelson: “8th because you know the school better and the classwork is easier.”


  • Chloe Julia Alejo: “8th grade because it’s my last year.”


  • Clare Jones: “8th grade because I have no P.E and I have industrial tech.”


  • Aubrey Bown: “8th grade because we have more freedom.”


  • Reagan Brumfield: “7th grade because it was a good year for volleyball.”