Preparing for Tests/Quizzes


Preparing for tests/quizzes


State testing is coming up soon and math units are ending. This article should help you prepare for these tests.


Know What You’re Studying

  • When preparing you have to know what you’re gonna study. Study something you are for sure it will be on the test.

Use Practice Tests

  • Practice tests are important to study if you get one. The tests usually contain problems that would be on the actual test.

Never Cram Your Work Last Minute

  • Craming your work last minute is never good. It doesn’t help you memorize as much as studying everyday
  • Its best to study for at least 5-10 minutes everyday rather than the night before

Flash Cards

  • On vocab quizzes one of the most effective ways to remember your words is vocab cards.
  • Flash cards help with your visual memory and helps you recall the definitions.

Listening/Talking to the Teacher

  • It’s important to listen to your teacher in class to know what you guys are working on, most likely it will be on the test.
  • Talk to the teacher if you don’t understand any problems or struggle on something.


  • Sleep keeps your mental and physical performance intact. It helps the brain function better. You don’t wanna be taking a test tired.