Badminton Club

What is Badminton? Badminton is a fun sport with rackets, a birdie, and a 5’1 inch net. On an official team there are 2 players on each side of the court. BMS has set up 6 courts and rackets to play games with other students. This happens every other Friday from 1-2 after-school, also this club starts from the beginning of the school year and ends till the last day of school in May. This sport is very exciting and competitive, about 30-55 students join and the numbers continue to grow over the years. Students often play other students from different grade levels. These small meetings start from 1 till 2 in the afternoon. There can be a game of 2-3 people on each side of the court or in any form you and other students want. Badminton club is a fun club and sport, playing and competing with other students is also fun. 

Jellie Siat in 8th grade said, “My friends suggested that I play with them and I agreed, but I also thought badminton was a fun sport.”she joined because she wanted to have fun with her friends. She also said, “ My favorite memory in badminton was when all my friends were hitting the birdie the whole time without letting it fall, keeping us all screaming”. This is one of the many clubs that are very enjoyable.