Washington DC


Anneliese Trebotich, contributor

On  Friday, February 7 the 8th graders left to get on a four and a half hour flight to Washington DC. They left Benicia middle school at around 3:45 am and they took two buses to get to the airport. As 8th graders you study many  events, that either took place in Washington DC and Virginia. Mr. Altman is the coordinator and chaperon who has been running the Washington DC trip for 34 years and will continue as long as he can. Also, the other teachers that went are Mrs. O leary, Mrs. Fukushima, Mr. Montez, and Mrs. Altman. 

They visited many national sites like the Martin Luther King jr. monument, the Capitol building and many  other national monuments.  When visiting the Capitol building congress was in session. They also experienced different museums like the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  Four of our students got to lay the wreath of the unknown soldier on the second day, these students were Olivia Pettit, Jinjin Gao, Lillian Freitas, and Savannah Sandavol. I asked some students who went what their favorite museum was and they said “ I liked the National Museum of African American history and culture because it was interesting to see how things have changed over time” Katerina Di Piramo. Mayra Correa said, “I liked The National Museum of American History because I got to learn about the US flag and its history.”


 They also visited many different monuments. Rylee Jarmin said, “My favorite monument was the Lincoln memorial because we got to freely roam around and look at the monument and I also liked seeing the sunset.” Also, Gaelen Ancheta said, “My favorite memorial was the Ford’s theater because we got to see where Lincoln was shot.” This trip was short but valuable for the 8th graders but overall what was their favorite part? I asked Jinjin Gao and he said “When I got to lay the wreath of the unknown soldier and when we got to go to the mall.” Julian Manansala said ” My favorite part was the national air and space museum because I got to see historic planes like the B-29 Enola Gay. “