2019 Recap

Kyra Mason, Contributor

top 2019 movies: 

Avengers Endgame: 41%

Aquaman: 9%

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: 43%

Crazy Rich Asians: 7%


top 2019 books for teens:

Five Feet Apart: 5%

The Hate You Give: 45%

Counting By Sevens: 14.5%

The Fault In Our Stars: 35.5%


top 2019 music: 

Memories: 16.5%

Beibs In The Trap: 25%

Envy Me: 18.4%

Ballin: 17.8%

Woah: 22.3%


top 2019 athletes:

Cody Bellinger: 18%

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 14.4%

Patrick Mahomes: 22.8%

Taylor Haul: 30.8%

Kalidou Koulibaly: 14%


top 2019 trends:

Crocs: 22.2%

Tik Tok: 24%

Airpods: 13.9%

Mens ugg boots: 9.8%

Air forces: 30.1%


top 2019 apps:

Tik Tok: 27.1%

Snapchat: 19.5%

Instagram: 21%

Netflix: 17.3%

Dubsmash: 15.1%


”One of my favorite movies of 2019 was Avengers Endgame because it did not have a typical happy ending, it had more to it and it was a very interesting movie.”

  • Guardian Harper

“Beibs In The Trap was one of my top 5 songs and in many of my playlists for 2019. I really like the song because it has a really nice beat to it and it is a song that you can dance to easily.”

  • Luis Conner

“Tik Tok is one of the apps that I spend most of my time. Once im on the app I just scroll through my for you page and time flies so fast I don’t even realize it. I love to make Tik Toks in my free time and just do random things on the app.”

  • Paris Mace

“The top mlb player had to be Cody Bellinger for 2019. He clinched the National League MVP and named Gold Glove Winner as a right fielder. He had a great season and is one of my favorite players.”

  • Josh Brooks