Superbowl 2020

Sinead Maas, contributor

As we all know the Superbowl came and went  and there was a lot of commotion about who was going to win. The teams that went to the Super Bowl were the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Of course since we are from the Bay area most of us were rooting for the 49ers but some of us didn’t.”The 49ers are my rival team and I really do not like their Quarterback, Jimmy Gorappolo.” Says Ms.Shishido. Andrew Murphy (7) says, “The 49ers are goated and Jimmy Gorappolo carries the team. I hate the Chiefs and I hope they lose.” At the end of the final Play Off game between the 49ers and the Green Bay packers Richard Sherman was clutch when he made that pick.” As you can see, people have different opinions on this matter. In the end as we saw the Chiefs came through with the win but it was so close down until the final minutes of the game, where the 49ers gave up 3 touchdowns. Now for the Halftime show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira both performed some pretty talented singing and dancing. Anastasia Sauerzopf (8) says, “The Halftime show was very interesting and there was a lot of dancing in it.”Image result for chiefs winning"