Fires in Austrailia


Alana Robinson, Contributor

As all the drama about America and Iran continues to take over the media, while the fires in New South Wales, Australia continues to burn. This all started in September 2019 when deliberately 2 dozen Australians started the fires. Starting a bush fire intentionally and being reckless in causing its spread can result  up to 21 years in prison. These Australians have been taken into custody while over 14 million acres have been burned. This number is still growing. The University of Sydney has estimated that over 480 million animals have perished in the fires and that around 25 people have died. Around 2,000 homes have also been burned down.  In the article What Caused The Wildfires In Australia? Amid Worst Blazes For A Decade, 24 People Are Charged With Arson, Mark Howden, director of the Climate Change Institute at Australian National University says, “One of the key drivers of fire intensity, fire spread rates and fire area is temperature. And in Australia we’ve just experienced record high temperatures.” As we all know fires are very common in California and many have lost their homes because of this. Such as the Napa Valley fires and the Paradise fires also known as Campfire. These have devastated California and to prevent them some towns have had to lose their electricity. Australia has been hit by this bad natural disasters and who knows when it will stop.