6th Grade eye Dissection


Ava Rojas, Contributor

The 6th grade science classes just recently did the sheep eye dissection. They just completed their unit about the actual eye a couple weeks ago. Now it was time to do the dissection. Some of the kids were not very amused during the eye dissection while other kids were.

Thomas Jouvenot-Sells (6) says “I really liked it, I thought it was cool. I also liked the black gooey liquid that came out of the sheep’s eye, I can’t wait to dissect something else. Like a frog.”

Savannah Barrow (6) says, “I didn’t like it because it was just gross and gooey. Also, every time I tried to pick up the eye it would fall off the tweezers and black stuff would shoot out.“ 

Mrs. Shishido says,  “I really enjoyed watching the kids but I also was making sure that they we’re doing it right.”

Their next unit is weather and water cycle, where they learn about how the water is moved throughout the earth. Let’s see what these 6th graders are up to next.