Ava Cruz, staff

WEB stands for where everyone belongs. It is hard to transition into middle school from being in elementary school. So the WEB leaders make sure the sixth graders are comfortable and ready to start their new year. WEB leaders are a bunch of eighth graders, to become a WEB leader you have to write a paragraph on why you want to be one .WEB leaders also help set up activities for the 6th graders. For example, one day there was a movie day where the sixth graders watched goosebumps and the WEB leaders came to help out.

Tanner Nelson(8) says “My favorite thing inn web is hanging out with the sixth graders and helping them”. Everyone when they first come to BMS they have an orientation with the WEB leaders. This year the orientation was on August 14. On that day, two WEB leaders take around 13 kids to a classroom and play games with them so they can feel welcome and meet new people. Near the end of the day they take them around the school to show where their classes are. Another thing they did was go to the sixth grade dance.

Sydney Dalske(8) says “My favorite thing about web is influencing them to do better things”During the sixth grade dance the WEB leaders clapped for the sixth graders while they walked into the mp room and some WEB leaders gave out some food.

Chloe Alejo (8) says “One of my favorite things about WEB is helping out the sixth graders.” So if you ever want to meet new people and help out the sixth graders try being a WEB leader.