Student forum


Leila Rocha, writer

Student Forum

by Leila Rocha

As you may have heard, we have something called the Student Forum at our school. This is a place to discuss anything about our school. It is a great way to help our school, our principal in an interview said that it’s “a place for kids to either share concerns or ideas.” She also said it is “open to any students.” In a later interview, she said, “I know when students come to talk there will be a level of complaining” and “what can I do to make things better?” Mrs.Dalske also explained,“When they  have a concern… it’s important for me to explain that there are rules that the school has to follow.” 

A forum is a place to discuss matters. The latin word forum means “public market place”.It could be an idea, a concern, or even just information that you have. For example, message boards. That is a way to share ideas concerns or anything relating to a topic. Forums have social benefits. According to the University of Exeter, “A new study has found that internet discussion forums have positive links to well-being and are even associated with increased community engagement offline, contrary to a common perception of them being outdated and prone to trolling.” In other words, forum participants may be more involved in their communities as well as being up to date on public information. It is always important to be part of a discussion. Especially if it is a place we have to spend time at (like school). It makes it a better place if ideas are shared and concerns are addressed. It is a part of making our community a better place.