Our advanced Drama class hired our Publications class to use their photography skills and shoot their headshots.  These final picks will be used for future auditions and showcased for the spring play.

These past couple weeks the Publications students took on a big project. For drama Ms. Wright suggested that her students needed headshots. What better people to do it than the yearbook students. Each drama student was put with someone from yearbook to get their pictures taken, yearbook had to take at least 1 close up, 1 full body and one outside/inside. We each scheduled time with the drama class of when to take the pictures. After the pictures were taken we had the students come in and choose which 3 from each category they liked the best. Once those were chosen the yearbook students got into Photoshop and immediately changed those colored pictures to black and white. The headshots turned out amazing not one photo was disappointing to Ms. O nor Ms. Wright. Each student was very happy with their photos and Ms. O is very proud of the Publications class work. 


The photos are listed above: 

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