The Neighbor

 Gavin Louton

The moving trucks drive into a small boring city. This is Bob’s first time having his own house and he lives alone. It’s a nice small city where everyone knows each other. The house to the right is a nice house with trimmed green grass and was newly painted. The house to the left is a big old house with peeling paint and had tall dead grass and weeds within a tall metal fence. 

The moving trucks park in front of Bob’s house. It’s a nice, sunny day out but tall overgrown trees from the house to the left block most of the sun from shining on Bob’s house, making a dark shade over Bob and his neighbors to the right house. Bob walks out and grabs a box. When he turns around to start walking back to his house, he sees an old guy peering through the window at the house to the left. 

“Hey,” Bob says waving after setting the box down. The old guy immediately closed the blinds. What’s his problem? Bob thought. 

“Don’t worry about him,” said Sally, the neighbor on the other side of Bob. 

“He’s just old and mad, and a little creepy,” Sally’s husband Jack added. 

“Hi I’m Bob, I just moved here,” Bob said.

“Hi I’m Jack and this is my wife Sally. Can we help you with your boxes,” Jack said. 

“Yes please,” said Bob and they start unpacking the trucks. 

A few weeks later, when Bob was finished unpacking and setting up all his furniture he decided to invite some of the people in his neighborhood over including Bob, Sally, and the old guy next door, though the old guy never showed up. Bob had a friend named Joe who walked to the party because he lived close by. The TV was turned on, and the news was talking about a series of disappearances that happened in the city. 

“What’s all this about?” Bob asked Joe. 

“There has been a bunch of people disappearing out of nowhere,” Joe said. “And nobody knows where the are and what happened,” Joe added. 

“That’s weird,” Bob said. “It was probably the old neighbor next door,” Bob said jokingly while Joe laughed. 

Bob went outside to throw a trash bag away and found the old guy staring at him again. Bob through the trash bag away and waved but the same as last time the old guy just closed his blinds and walked away. 

“Are you sure you don’t want a ride home?” Bob said to Joe when the party ended. 

“No I’m fine but thank you,” Joe said. 

“Thanks for coming,” Bob said to Sally and Jack. 

“Thanks for having us,” Jack said. 

What Bob then noticed was that the old neighbor next door was watching the whole time, just staring. 

“All right, Imma head out,” Joe said. 

“See ya,” said Bob 

A few days later Bob called joe. He didn’t answer. Bob turned on the TV and flipped to the news channel. He soon found out that Joe was the next person added to the list of missing people. Apparently Joe never made it home after the party. Bob went for a walk to clear his mind. When Bob passed the old guys house, he saw a piece of Joe’s Jacket and shirt. He saw that the neighbor had left so he decided to go into his house. Bob walked up to the front door through all the weeds. The door was unlocked so he walked in. Bob heard noise in the basement so he decided to go to the basement first. He was shocked. All the missing people were locked up down there. Bob ran up to Joe and tried to free him when he heard the front door open then close.

Bob tried for a second longer then he heard heavy footsteps walking towards the stairs. He heard the old wood stairs creaking as the old guy walked down them getting closer and closer. 

“Hide,” Joe whispered. 

“Where,” Bob said 

“Over there,” Joe said pointing to some cabinets. 

By this time The old guy had already reached the bottom of the stairs. Bob ran and hid in the cabinets. Bob heard footsteps getting closer and closer to him then they stopped. 

“What’s all that noise?” the old guy yelled in an old voice.

The old guy then walked over to the cabinets and opened the door right next to Bob and grabbed some food and gave it to Joe. Then the old guy walked up stairs. Bob heard the wood floors above creaking as the old guy got farther and farther away. Bob got out and got Joe free. They then ran upstairs to make their escape only to find there was a lock that needs a key to get out of the house. They saw the key and ran and grabbed it but then the old guy came down stairs.

“I hear you!” “I know you’re here!” The old guy exclaimed.

Bob and Joe were under a table and they watched the old guys feet walk by. He then walked down to the basement. Bob and Joe made and break for the door and unlocked it. They heard the footsteps sprinting up the stairs but it was to late, Bob and Joe were gone. They went to Jack and Sally’s house. 

“Are you okay?” Jack and Sally both said.

“Can we use your phone?” Bob said. 

Bob and Joe called the police and told them what happened and about all the missing people. When the police went to the old guys house they checked everywhere and found no missing people or any evidence that Bob, Joe, or any of the missing people were ever there. They left Bob and Joe off with a warning and dropped all charges that were on the old guy. Bob and Joe both stayed the night at Jack and Sally’s house while they were packing. Then they both moved to separate cities and tried to forget what had happened.