Explosion in Crockett


Alana Robinson, Contributor

October 15th, 2019. The refinery in Crockett exploded, well not the whole thing. The oil facility exploded, it left a huge fireball into the air and left the air quality around the area poor. What caused this catastrophe? 

Officials suspected that it may have been caused by the earthquake in Pleasant Hill. It was ranked a 4.5 on the Richter scale about 15 hours before the explosion. The earthquake did cause malfunctions in another refinery as well. How are people taking this in? We asked James Wilson (6) if he thought the world was ending or if it could end, “Very, very slowly, yes.” While Jiselle Cayne-Campos (7) says, “No it’s not realistic.” As the explosion occurred the Decker fire was expanding but quickly was contained 100%. 12 days later on 1-80 in Vallejo another fire started leaving the air quality very poor. The day after the fires Sonoma County, Alameda County, Marin County, Solano County, Napa County, Contra Costa County and Lake County schools were closed due to fires, bad air quality and PG&E power outages. How will California recover after these horrific events happening in the span of a month? How do you help people or how do you react to these fires?