Washington Nationals


The Washington Nationals were established in 2005, before that they were called the Montreal Expos. On October 30, 2019, the Washington Nationals won their first, this was very exciting for a lot of people that watch or follow baseball because going into the world series the Nationals were not given good odds to win it all but they found a way to rally together and beat the Houston Astros in a game. 7 at Minute Maid park. The Nationals took game one and game two on the road and everyone thought it was over, but the Astros took all three games at nationals park. All the Astros needed to do was win one game and it was over, then the nationals took both of the last two games and won their first world series in franchise history.


“The Giants are my favorite team because they are in the bay area, I didn’t think the nationals would win”-Nash Rubins(7) 

The Astros are my favorite team because Jose Altuve is my favorite player, I didn’t think the nationals would win”-Jaden Mason(8)

 “The Giants because that’s how my dad introduced me to baseball, I didn’t know who would win -Jesse