BMS Clubs


Benicia Middle School Clubs

By: Emma Jury


We have all heard of the Benicia Middle Schools CLubs. But… most of us haven’t even put much thought into it. These clubs are actually extremely interesting, and something you should definitely think about investing your time in.


Mindful Mornings

Mindful Mornings are Monday and Friday 7:50-8:24 am, and Wednesday during Directed Studies, with Mrs Angie. Mindful Mornings is a club that tries to focus on the positivity of overall everything. Whether you aren’t that happy with how a class went, to how happy you were about getting a good grade on that math test, Mindful Mornings always keeps you in that positive mindset you need for the day.

 Why did you choose to do Mindful Mornings?

“I decided to do Mindful Mornings, because I was really stressed and needed to find a way to relax.” Says Ella Mccandless.

    Whats your favorite part about Mindful Mornings?

  ” I like doing yoga, and when we all give compliments to each other.”

Ella Mccandle

Math Club

The Math Club is every Tuesday 3:15-4:15 with Mr. Reed. You get to have a fun time doing what you love… MATH! Whether you are struggling with it, or just want to get better, then come over to the Math Club.

The Cartooning Club

The cartooning club is the third Friday of every week, with Mr. Altman.

Do you like to draw? Do you always find yourself doodling on your blank notebook paper? Then cartooning club just might be the thing you’re ready to take on.