Anastasia Sauerzopf, Contributer

 Did you dress up this year? I know I did. If so what was your favorite costume? You can see some of mine in the picture. Oscar Kealy Mucleak (6) says the inflatable and anime costumes were his favorite.  What do you think were the most popular costumes? Ben Thomas (6) says “ no costume because no one dressed up.” Zoe Young (8) says “ Vsco girl” Phoebe Jones (6) says”Vsco girl”.

Is Halloween in middle school different than Halloween in elementary? Vannessa Sandoval (6) say “Yes, because you have more freedom of dressing up of how you want.” Samanth Lazo (6) says “ middles schools better because we get candy.”

What’s your favorite neighborhood to trick or treat in? Mayra Correa (8) said “ Watersend” Katarina Di Piramo (8) says “her neighborhood”

Halloween is a time to dress up as whatever you want. Its an opportunity to let loose and be the real you. It is also a time to spend with friends and family and make memories. You can go trick or treating and even go to Halloween parties. Everyone can dress up and that’s what’s best about this holiday.