8th Grade Girls Volleyball Season


K'Lani Dondoy, Contributor

The volleyball season has come to an end and it also means its the last year for the 8th graders to play volleyball in middle school. In the last game of the season, 8th grade got a trophy along with placing 3rd. Which was a great way to end the season. Other than it being the last season 8th grade will play in middle school, it was also the last time Coach Rory will be coaching middle school volleyball team. Other then last times there was also new volleyball players that joined the 8th grade team. I interviewed two people that have been on the team since 6th grade and someone who just joined the team this year.    

What advice do you have for people who want to tryout but are too scared?

 What is something you like to do before games?

Jessica Patacsil

“Have fun and be confident in yourself. Don’t be scared to try new things.  Before games I listen to music and just dance in public.”

Kaylee Holyoak

“Believe in yourself! You got this! Find encouraging friends who will support you through the tryouts. Before games I like to get some of my homework done in the Library.”