Teacher Feature


Max Passama, Contributor

Some of you may not know but we have a new 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Khan.

Mr. Khan has been teaching for 2 years. Mr. Khan has taught 1 year at another school he says, “The schools are both small, and my fellow teachers were supportive.” BMS has been great for Mr. Khan so far, “It is just like home, my fellow teachers are very supportive.” Mr. Khan has a 20 month year old son that he plays with, he spends time with his wife, and he plays video games. If Mr. Khan would teach anything else, it would be, “Science, because I have a 2 year degree in science, and that’s what I started off with.” 6th grader Pierce Field says, “He is a pretty laid back teacher, and if were done with our work he lets us go on the computer.”