Homeschool to middle school? Adelaide Robinson’s story

Sadie Gross, Contributer

Have you ever thought of how different it must be to be home schooled? Then go straight into middle school? If you ever did, Adelaide Robinson has gone through it all.


How long were you home schooled for?

” 1 1/2 years.”


How did you feel when you found out you were going to be home schooled?

“I was excited when I thought I got a break from public school, but I was sad because I was going to miss my friends.”


How did you feel when you found out you were going straight into middle school from being home schooled?

“I was excited because I missed my friends, but nervous because there are a lot of people.”


How do you feel now that you are in middle school?

“It feel very good now, settled in, I have made a couple new friends, and my teachers are really good and really nice.”


Would you want to be home schooled again?

“It depends. I would miss my friends a lot, but also i might enjoy not having to go to a big school every day. But overall, no I wouldn’t want to be home schooled again.”

“By the way, I play basketball!”  -Adelaide Robinson