Santa Cruz Band Competition 2019


Miel Uoo, Editor

Santa Cruz was a total success! This weekend marching, color guard and drumline all went to Santa Cruz for their annual competition. Although Color guard didn’t place we still have one of the best color guard teams and we did place with our drumline and marching!! Marching got 2nd place, drumline got 1st! I even interviewed some of the head people from color guard, drumline and marching to see what they all had to say about this fantastic competition.
Shannon Hill, Battery Captain
Question:How did you feel about how drumline and marching placed?
Answer: I thought we did really well and I was surprised that drumline got 1st because we only had about 4 practices.
Question: What was your favorite part on the whole Santa Cruz competition?
Answer: I really liked when I got to get up to get the award because drumline got 1st and I got to represent drumline.
Question: What are you looking to work on after this competition?
Answer: Positioning because I noticed when we were doing drumline and marching our lines weren’t straight.
Phoebe Crawford, Drum major
Question: How do you feel on how drumline and marching placed
Answer:We did really good but I thought we could have done a lot better
Question: What are some challenges you faced during the competition?
Answer: I was kind of nervous because when we marched it was just us and I felt everyone was watching us and we were in the spotlight
Question: What are things you are looking forward to work on after this competition?
Answer:Working on everyone working better as a whole rather than everyone just focusing on themselves.
Aristen Jade Bocaling rifle captain
Question: What are some things you guys thought you did well and some you thought didn’t?
Answer:I thought we did well on remembering our routine but need to work on our expressions on our faces.
Question: What are one of the challenges on being one of the heads of colorguard?
Answer: Communicating with everyone on guard because there are so many people and so much stuff I need to do.
Question: What are things you are planning to work on after this competition?
Answer:That we are comfortable with our equipment and not afraid, also facial expressions.
Geovana Richendollar member in drumline and marching
Question: What instrument do you play in marching and drumline
Answer:I play tenor in drumline which is the one with a bunch of drums and the flute in marching
Question: How do you feel about how you got placed in drumline and marching
Answer: i was really happy and was also proud because we got 1st in drumline and we only had about 5 practices
Question: What are you planning on working on after this competition?
Answer:My diddles on the drums and to make sure I can drum on time.
Question: what’s your favorite part about drumline and marching?
Answer: We sound really cool and on point and I get to hang out with my friends during practice.
Because of this amazing event we also have amazing photos here are some to look at:

Look at their amazing outfits too! So in all Santa Cruz was a huge sensation and hopefully in the later years they’ll be as good as they were this year.