Dom Louro


Daniel Bantay, contributor

Dom Louro,7th grader shares his 6th grade year experience. For example like things you didn’t have in elementary school, like having different teachers and switching from class to class. And having an, A day to a, F Day.

How was your first Year?

“Good, because I liked all my teachers and had really

good friends.”

 What was the difference from Elementary to Middle?

“You change classes a lot unlike last year.”

 Was the food Better?

“Yes, way better plus we have way more of a variety.”

What year was better 6th or 7th?

“6th because you were new, and you could make a lot more friends than you did before in elementary.”

Are the electives better than 6th grade?

“Yes, because you have a lot to choose from for example Beginning Art and Advanced Art.”