Steven Joshua Todd


Chloe Alejo, Editor

“There’s two teams going against each other (home and visitor) there are nine positions on the field. After everyone hits you switch home or visitor (offense or defense).”-Beckett Miyamoto. DID YOU KNOW that Steven Joshua Todd was invited over summer to play at a baseball camp in the Dominican Republic hosted by the Cepeda family ( .) They invited players from around the United States and Domincian Republic. It lasted eight days and within those eight days they had time for baseball and scuba dying. Stevie was 4 years old when he started baseball and currently guest players on teams around the Bay Area with #24 on his back. We recently asked him what sport he would play if it wasn’t baseball and he responded with “Badminton because its fun and I’m good at it.” In the future he wants to play representing “whatever college has good education and is good for sports.” What did you do this summer?