Did you feel the quake?

Chris Olsen, Contributor

Did you feel the earthquake on Monday the 14th? The earthquake was recorded as a 4.5 on the magnitude scale. The core of it was in Pleasant Hill at around 10:33p.m. The quake occurred from an unmapped fault. It was then followed by at least 20 aftershocks in the first hour. The largest of the 20 was recorded as a 2.1. The quake lasted for about 5-10 seconds.


Following the quake on the 14th was another on the 15th. IT WAS AROUND 7:11P.M. It was recorded at a 3.4. It is predicted that there is a 2% chance of an aftershock of 4.5. It was also predicted that smaller aftershocks will occur in the next week.”It felt like my house was gonna break. My first reaction was to get out of bed”- Joseph Salinas