Teacher Feature Ms. Cocchi

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Why did you start teaching here?

I started teaching here because I love the town. It’s a small town in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the bay area.


What made you want to move here?

I grew up in Vacaville and had been to Benicia many times, so it seemed natural and like home.


What do you like about this school?

I like how I was able to bring my puppy for everyone to enjoy! Just kidding, I like that no matter what I’m always greeted with a smile by both students and staff. It’s rare that you get that nowadays.


Where are you moving to and why?

I am moving to Carmel Valley! I’m super excited, my significant other and I bought our first home, so Finn will have a nice big yard to play in.


What will you miss?

I will miss all of my wonderful students. I truly have enjoyed each day in my classes and getting to know all my kiddos was a blast. I wish I could see where they all go from here.