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Plans For The Summer

June 6, 2019

While in school we look forward to being on summer break and nice warm days to hang out with friends and have fun.  So why not ask some students what their plans are for this summer. Isabella Marapao (8) says “I’m going to travel to the Philippines and Hawaii to see my family.” It’s always fun to go and see your family that lives elsewhere! “I’m going to Florida this summer!” says Jillian Duane (7). It’s so much fun to go to new places and do new things! Deyna Miller (6) says “I’m going to Honduras with my family to help the kids that live there.” So many students have something special they are doing for summer. Oliver Barnes (6) says “I’m going to New York for my grandfathers birthday”. Celebrating someone’s birthday is great, especially a family member’s! Melissa Jones (8) is doing big things, she said “I have a summer job at a daycare and i’ll also be going to Los Angeles with my family.” Colton Beltran (6) says “I’m going to soccer camp for the summer.” Piper Whitty (6) says “i’ll be going to Universal Studios and Tahoe for the summer.” Eli Stritter (6) says “I’m going to Cape Cod to visit family. Wow! there are so many fun things planned in the summer for these students.

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