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Myanna Wallace’s Poems

June 3, 2019

As I rest:

The one’s I have loved

The one’s I’ve forgotten

The ones that left I carry a little  part of them in my heart.

I give them the lock and keep the key

I look up the memories of hurt and pain away

I smile bright like the sun and fly like a bee

I land my flower and rest,

As I rest I forgot the pain they left.



A sound a thing you hear a cloud something soft that floats as I think it gives me deja vu as I think about friendships that end that I never thought would end but my Soundcloud keeps me dreaming.


Wallace mango:

As my heart love is hard to find. I go around a Merrigoround  my heart stops when another love comes on the ride but it goes round and around. My heart stops when I lose my love of my life. Margo a ride of my life. My heart stops when I sit by dear Margo the Merrigoround of my life.

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