When Flowers Stop Blooming

Liberty Rainbird

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You can find a flower almost anywhere.

In a field, grass, cracks in a side walk.

We often give flowers as gifts

and to show affection.

But the flowers always go to waste.

Lying dead in vases on tables,

left hungry begging for water,

and crushed beneath heavy feet.


When flowers stop blooming,

we blame the soil and not enough water,

but ignore the fact we poisoned the soil.

Forgot to water them for a week.

Or maybe its just that we cut and kill

the flowers because we think they are beautiful,

just like how we cut and kill ourselves because

we are not.


When flowers stop blooming,

how many bee’s hearts will we break?

How many bee’s will remember that they

once kissed that flower with honey dripped lips.

How they die of broken hearts.

The flowers that are left to hag in sorrow

and once they are cut and placed in a bouquet

and to cover the path we place baby’s breath

with them to mask it, but they too will die ugly.


When flowers stop blooming

cacti take the job of protection

because they need little water

and are sharp enough to draw blood

from the ones who harmed their sisters

but they to are cut loose and die

leaving the ivy used to like barbwire to

protect the roots of the once flowers

yet another failed attempt.


When Flowers stop blooming

over the earth

the bees long gone

and all that’s left is the sad symphony

Please remember the happy tune.


When flowers stop blooming

Inside her soul

You ask “Why?”

She will only say,

I was cut and killed, pulled and my roots torn

from the poison soil, lack of water I cannot thrive,

my broken hearted  bee has died, the honey kisses

more illusions in my mind

my cacti persona is gone this time, the ivory

around my heart has been pried, all loan say

is “I tried”

That’s all mother earth replied.