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The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.

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Advanced Drama Proudly Presents

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Performances will be on May 17 and 22.



Narrator 1:          Rory Coyne

Narrator 2:          Haley Boldt

Narrator 3:          Rosalie Sackett

Narrator 4:          Sophie Golsan

Actor (act 1):      Amara Arakawa

Actor (act 2):      Tessa Finn

Girl:                       Paige Duane

Dirt Merchant:   Garret Slody

Rumpelstiltskin: Mia Montoya

Enchantress:       Kaylee Holyoak

Devil:                    Savannah Matson

Rapunzel:            Gillian Mead

Prince:                  Colin Wildermuth

Hansel:                 Miah Chao

Gretel:                  Sophie Gourieux

Witch:                  Kayla Zilka

Girl w/o hands: Garret Slody

Mother:               Alexis Gilley

Father:                Colin Wildermuth

Fisher Girl:           Kate Saari

Talking Fish:        Wyatt Carvalho

Crab Person 1:    Savannah Matson

Crab Person 2:    Lucy Albrecht

Giant & God:       Imara Arakawa


Frog Prince:        Aruushi Kaur

Elf Cobbler:         Liam McGee

Plant:                    Lucy Albrecht

Princess:              Sierra Milburn

King:                     Hannah  DiPiramo

Dwarf  1:             Liam McGee

Dwarf  2:             Lucy Albrecht

Snow White:       Ella Kohls

Witch 2:               Sevanah Sandoval

Prince 2, 3:          Emery Dillon

Horse:                  Lucy Albrecht

Devil 2:                Sophie Gourieux

Devil’s Grandmother:  Imara Arakawa

Doctor:               Wyatt Carvalho

Little Red:            Sophie Mandal

Wolf:                    Taylor Rice

Grandma:            Garret Slody

Woodcutter:       Liam McGee

Cinderella:           Adia Zmak

Host:                    Sophie Mandal

Walt:                    Garret Slody

Father:                 Colin Wildermuth


Asst. Director……………………,Sophie Gorieux

Asst. Asst. Director…………….Savanna Matson

Lighting/Sound……………………Kaylee Holyoak & Kate Saari

Publicity………………………………Rory Coyne

Costumes/Props…….…………..Sophie Golsan,

Liam McGee, Kayla Zilka

Stagecraft Wood Crew

Matthew Selman

Sydney Dalske

Morgan Boyle

Lucan Tan


Stagecraft Cartooning Crew

Gaelen Ancheta

Kieran Leja-Piano

Skylar Robinson


Stagecraft Set Painting Crew

Dailee Perkins

Isabella Marapao

Alex Grant

Holly Hartzell-Thomas

Sadie Komori Stager

Isabel Del Rio

Bella Vohra

Ava Pannell

Ella Owen


Stagecraft Make Up Crew

Maya Schwartz

Ava Cheung

Zoe Katriel Del Rosario

Jillian D’Ambrosi

Grace Carrell

Emma Barlow

Chloe Morris


Stagecraft Small Props Crew

Morgan Castleman

K’Lani Dondoy

Amina Jaljaa

Alaysia Charles


Stagecraft Jack of All Trades

Annabell Haley


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