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Eighth Grade-itis And Transitioning Into BHS

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June 6, 2019

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Eighth Grade-itis And Transitioning Into BHS

Many eighth graders are set on the idea of transitioning to high school, while others disagree. Eighth graders have been at BMS for almost three years and want to try out new experiences at BHS. The high school offers more clubs, sports, and classes than what BMS can offer. This opportunity makes students more eager to move on. Unlike sixth graders, eighth graders have experienced close to every aspect of BMS student life. They are tired and fatigued while others are more nervous about the new change. Some aren’t fully ready to let go of their past at BMS, which holds nostalgia toward them. But what are the eighth graders most excited about? The variety of classes, freedom during lunch, or the new sports? Well, we asked sophomore Gabrielle Weaver what everyone should get involved in and she stated, “Band because it is fun and were like a family because we work together to reach a common goal”. We also asked what she did as a freshmen and something that she wish she did. Gabrielle answered, “I joined the swim team which I wasn’t sure about but I had a great time which is why I’m still doing it. I wished I looked into the clubs more because I didn’t get to see all of them and there was probably some that I would like”. Gabrielle wanted to give some advice that would help the incoming freshmen. She responded,”Your grades actually matter because if you fail a class you will have to retake it and you get an official transcript that you send to colleges to get applied”, Gabrielle said. Then we decided to ask some of the incoming freshmen what they are most excited about going to high school. “Being more involved in the school,” Mikaila Novicio responded. Whereas Jerimya Corpuz thought, “I am excited about the extracurricular activities, classes, and new people.” Then we asked them what they thought about the new schedule and electives and got mixed thoughts. Mikaila liked it saying, “I think it is great that there is a lot of electives so everyone can find what they like.” Aleena Johannis thinks the opposite and replied, “I don’t like it because you can’t prepare for the homework you have to turn in in that class” Then we asked a question that every incoming student feels. What are you most nervous about? “I am most nervous about getting lost”, Sophia Banchero said while Jerimaya thought, “I am nervous about all the homework we have to do”. As something that they will and won’t miss the girls had very different answers.”I will miss my friends from BMS because they are all going to different high schools” -Aleena. “I won’t miss the schedule, it’s so confusing”- Sophia. Are you ready to move into high school? “Yes, I am ready to move in because I want to try something new” “I am not ready to move on because it’s just a reminder that college is getting closer”. Finally we thought that it would be a good idea to get some advice from teacher at BHS. Mr. Coyne, a wonderful teacher who does the AP Euro class has a lot to say about surviving high school.

I am so pleased that students at Benicia Middle School have heard about a class here at the High School and are excited about being apart of this community.  BHS is unique in that we have some excellent teachers that go above and beyond the call of duty in helping our students have options when they graduate.  My advice to incoming freshman is to leave all the middles school drama and negativity behind.  They are entering a new chapter of their lives and it is important to surround oneself with people that support them, not drag them down.  It is imperative to manage ones mental and physical health, without that, learning will be difficult at best.   Try and join as many clubs, teams or activities.  Be involved and take advantage of positive opportunities offered here. AP Euro was not just a class, it was a “journey”.  The class was extremely unique, in that I combined college level writing and analysis with problem based learning (PBLs).  Students found AP Euro very helpful in preparing them for the rigors of AP classes their junior, senior years and college/university.  Unfortunately, the Administration has chosen to to terminate AP Euro  and go in a different direction.  Students will be able to take AP World History with another teacher. -Mr. Coyne
Your journey into high school will be confusing but it’s a great time to find new passions and opportunities.
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