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March Madness

April 3, 2019

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March Madness

One week out of the entire year is our annual “March Madness Week”. Everyday is a new spirit day to dress up with you friends and earn spirit points at lunch. To celebrate this tradition, we have the Student V.S Staff Basketball Game. Students go against our teachers and staff. Hope Lazo (8), is a team member of the Benicia 8th Grade Girls Basketball. ”

Monday – Elementary Day

Monday is elementary day. On this spirit day you wear the colors that represent your elementary school, and if you went to a school not in Benicia you wear tie dye. Briana Biniack (8) said ” I dress up for the spirit days because i like to show my school spirit and i like to encourage people to dress as well.

Tuesday – Tacky Tuesday 

Tuesday is tacky Tuesday. On this spirit day you wear the tackiest clothes and accessories you can find! Kayla Zilka (7) said “I dress up because ifs just and school spirit days are occasional so why not do them whenever possible.”

Wednesday – Seasons day 

Wednesday is seasons day. For this spirit day each grade had a specific color for there grade level. 6th grade wore orange, 7th wore yellow, and 8th wore red. Ava Ramirez (7) said “I dressed up because its fun and i like to see what everyone else is wearing.”

Thursday – Blue & White Day 

Thursday is blue and white day. For this spirit day you wear blue and white which represents our school! Aruushi Karr (8) said “I dress up because its fun plus i like being apart and showing my school spirit.”

Friday – Birthday Day

Friday is birthday day. Friday was everyone’s birthday! So for this spirit day you wear fancy and or formal clothing like your going to a party! Ms.Fukushima said “I never get to dress like this unless its a spirit day so i dress for every spirit day that i can do to express my school spirit.”


This special and fun week only happens once a year so take your chance and show all the school spirit you have!



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