March 19, 2019

We go to a school full of all different and interesting people and different people will usually have some unique and neat hobbies. Christie Peters (8) says “ I like to play Minecraft songs on the piano. I like to play the piano because it is soothing and it calms me down.” Music can be a very fun hobby, I’ve heard that it is a good way to pass time too. In other forms of art, Eric Heath (8) enjoys cartooning. “Well you know, it’s just a way to pass time when you are bored in class. Also if you get better at drawing wacky characters you can have a great time with your friends. That is why I like cartooning.” Other people would rather enjoy a challenge such as Nicholas Colafrancesco (8) “I like linguistics for the challenge it possesses. The time it can pass and how interesting the conjugation can be”. There are many talented people here at Benicia Middle School, who all enjoy many different hobbies. 

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