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How Can We Reduce Climate Change?

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March 8, 2019

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How Can We Reduce Climate Change?

Global warming. What is global warming? It is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere mainly produced by the greenhouse effect and increased levels of carbon dioxide.  According to many climate experts they say, “By 2100 global emissions will have increased by eight percent.” While most might think, only eight percent? Isn’t that such a small number? Well, within that eight percent plus the effects that global warming are having on us now, it can destroy many different creatures.

Animals, plants and ecosystems all suffer due to the cost of global warming. Ecosystems like the chilly Arctic are majorly affected, along with the animals that live there. In the Arctic most of the ice is continuously melting. This year in the Arctic it has been recorded as the second smallest amount of sea ice, along with the thinnest the ice has ever been. Due to the ice thinning and such a low amount of the frozen water many animals suffer too. Polar bears, the arctic fox, the beluga whale, walruses and many other animals are endangered.

Along with the Arctic, many other places suffer from global warming – like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Due to global warming the Great Barrier Reef undergoes a massive amount of bleaching from rising ocean temperatures. With this coral bleaching, over half of the coral has turned white and is vulnerable to mass killing. While there might be many multiple causes of global warming, scientist Ms. Abono says, “To get rid of global warming, we could buy less clothes. If we buy less clothes the manufactured resources will decrease, so we don’t have to use as many resources as we do. We could also cut down on the eating less animal products. It reduces manufacturing meat and also livestock produce  generates as much as cars and trucks have combines.”

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