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March 6, 2019

Starting this year, many changes are going to be made at Benicia Middle School.  Starting with renovating the outside, the renovations will include modernizing the front, and putting a single point entrance in, and putting in three new classrooms.  There are three phases to this project, phase one being the one just listed.  “Our goal for the outside of the school is for it to be more modern, more inviting,” said Principal Scott.  “We want kids to walk up and think, this is a place I want to be

The second and third phases of the project will focus on modernizing the inside of the school.  The whole campus will be painted, inside and outside.  In the classrooms, there will be new furniture, new paint, and a better learning environment.

The second and third phases will also include classrooms being moved around.  A new pod will be build in the side parking lot, near B five and six.  Many, if not all of the portables will be moved into the new pod.  Not only that, but in the B pod the school board is considering implementing moving walls.  The walls will form separate classrooms, but can be moved out of the way to form one big room.  Adding on to all of that, the library will also be brought up to date and modernized.  These changes are expected to be done by the middle of next year, around winter break.

Though many changes will be made to the classrooms, changes will be made to the eating areas as well.  “Over the picnic tables by the basketball courts, there will be a large shade structure.” said Principal Scott.  “This will allow optimal seating and students will be able to sit outside when its raining, or when they need a shield from the sun.” The cafeteria will also be expanded, providing even more seating.  These changes are also expected to be completed by the midway point of next year.

These changes to the school will bring a more modern, more inviting, safer campus.  Not only will it make the campus more modern and safer, the updates will bring more functionality and space to the campus.  The renovations will hopefully be starting in a little over a month, so get ready for a better,  safer school.


The front of Benicia Middle School, before any renovations. The renovations to the school will be completed in a little over a year. The main goals are to make the campus safer and more functional.

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