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10 tips and hacks for school

March 20, 2019

School can have it’s ups and downs. Sometimes you can be really prepared for school and other times you really just aren’t. This article I’ll be writing about is school tips and tricks that’ll help you with the rest of our year here at BMS,whether your at home or at school working on school work these tips have you covered!


Planning is a number 1 thing you need for organizing. We already have a school planner but having a personal planner or a bullet journal to keep down everything that’s important that you need to do.

2.Clothes burrito

Oh no! You’re running late and you don’t have enough time to pick out an outfit! Luckily there’s the clothes burrito! All you need to do to make the clothing burrito is to pick out an outfit that you like, roll it up into a burrito and put it somewhere that is safe and you’ll remember, and then when you’re running late all you have to do is grab the burrito and BAM! You’ll be ready for school in no time!

3.Notebook organizing

Do you ever look in your backpack and see all your notebooks and think which notebook is which? Well there is a hack I have for you! On the top of the notebook color the end of all the notebooks in different colors and then now you know which notebook you need for each class!

4.Emergency bag!

School can be very crazy and you need to be ready for any situation. Make a bag with all the things you might need. Chap stick,travel size deodorant,hair ties,band aids,and hand sanitizer! Keep it in your backpack and if anyone needs help or you need something, your trusty emergency bag is ready to save the day!

5.Blowing on your thumb

Ever nervous for a presentation? Well a quick reliever you can do to make you less nervous is to blow on your thumb. You may not get a lot of confidence but it will help and make you less nervous!

6.Minty fresh

Mints aren’t something you suck on when your breath smells. Did you know mints can reduce headaches and increase concentration? So if I were you, I’d keep mints with me at all times!

7.Earbud holder

Do your earbuds always get tangled and you get so stressed out? I got a hack for you! Get an empty small container like a mint container and put your earbuds in there, but make sure you put them in neatly!

  1.  Highlight chaos

Oh great! You accidentally highlighted something on your paper! Don’t worry! Get a q-tip soak it in lemon juice and then use the q-tip to wipe off the highlight mistakes.

9.Fixing those mistakes

After finishing an essay copy and paste the essay and put it into google translate. Listen to the essay carefully and fix the mistakes when you hear them. Your essay will be flawless!

10.Everything is blue

When your studying you want to remember most of the information you need for a test or quiz. One way to help remember the info is to write in blue ink. Research shows you’re most likely to remember things you wore in blue ink then black. So start grabbing your blue pens and start writing down all the information you need to know for,well…anything!

Well there are your 10 tips and hacks for school, I hope this helps for studying and school and that you enjoyed this article!


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