Preview of 8th Grade Washington D.C Trip

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February 1, 2019


Going on strong in its 34th year, we are once again going to Washington DC. Many kids are very excited to see and experience the excitement of and joy of see the roots of the United states, and how it was years back. Noa Santos says, “I’m excited about D.C. because I get to travel on my own and see things that not a lot of people get to see.” The chaperons will include Mr. Altman, Mrs. Altman, Mrs. Wright, Mr. Rogers, and Mrs. Ramirez. This trip allows kids to see monuments and museums, Monticello (Jefferson’s House), The White House, and hang out with friends. Although the students usually don’t get to see the President, they make the most out of the trip. For example there was a snow storm so the kids went outside to have a snowball fight.


“I’m excited about D.C because I want to see the museums and hang out with my friends.” Ajaia Stargell said. Ava Belcher said “I’m excited about going to D.C because I want to learn about how the revolution started and the whole government system.” While the government was shutdown we had a little scare. All the students going to the D.C trip were afraid they wouldn’t get the whole experience they paid for. There were mixed emotions, being happy to go on a school trip, yet sad knowing that many things they would see would be closed, such as the Capital building, the Smithsonian, the Air and Space museum, and more. But since the government reopened, these 8th graders are in for an interesting and once in a lifetime trip. 

*the cover picture is from last years (2018) D.C picture*

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